Gift Ideas for 5-7 Year Old Kids

Gift Ideas for 5-7 Year Olds

This is the age when children transition from little kids to grade-schoolers. They are slowly learning to read and understand, have better motor controls and can start thinking a little independently. This is the age when they start developing likes and dislikes, have a lot of creative firepower and an equally high amount of energy.

Here are some gift ideas that will keep them happy and gainfully engaged.

1. Lego Classic Creative Box

This comes in various sizes. Below is a link to the medium sized box with 484 pieces. It has many bricks of various sizes and colors. It has some wheels, eyes and windows. The child can let his imagination run wild and create multiple objects that they want. Some ideas on what can be made are also included.

I had bought this for my son when he was around 5 years old and this introduced him to the wonderful world of legos and unleashed his creativity in a very positive way.

2. Clay Dough

This is a classic and never gets old. Children love playing with the clay dough. You just need to ensure that the it is safe and non-toxic (which can be assured by buying any of the good brands). The second thing you need to ensure is that you have big enough box of each colour. Very small boxes of clay end up not being too much fun for kids.

Let them experiment and make people, fruits, animals, aliens, full cities – whatever they want. It is a great game to enhance creativity in kids and keep them engaged by themselves.

Below is the link to PlayDoh on Amazon:

3. Slime Making Kit

To be honest, I was not very keen to get this for my son when he was in this age group. In fact, I had successfully avoided it. I somehow felt that this would be huge cleaning task for me! Okay, I agree. I shouldn’t be thinking along these lines. But I did.

But, as luck would have it, my son was destined to get his dream gift and on his 6th birthday, one of his friends gifted him this set. And I’m glad he did. My son enjoyed it so much and the mess was really not that bad.

So, try it out and don’t fear!

4. Books

Reading is one of the best habits that you can develop in your child. If they start enjoying books, then they are never bored and it is one habit that will give them joy all through their lives.

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Here are some recommendations:

Books by Julia Donaldson – Perfect for 5-6 years old kids. These were the books that got my son hooked on to reading (he now reads over a hundred books a year!) I would recommend every one to get these books for their kids.

Below is the link to a set of 10 books – each better than the other.

Enid Blyton Books – Wishing Chair Stories, Magic Faraway Tree Series, Mr Pink Whistle – all are wonderful books that lead the child into a world of fantasy and fun.

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5. Guess Who – Board Game

A fun game for two players where each has to guess the character chosen by the other. They can ask questions regarding the hair color, gender, clothing color and type etc. The first one to guess wins the game.

6. Jigsaw Puzzles

These are great games to keep the child engaged. Depending on the skill and age of your child, you can choose the size of the puzzle and the number of pieces. If you want it to be educational as well, get them a puzzle with the map of your country or the world and they will learn the states and countries along with having fun!

Below is a world map puzzle with 105 pieces!

7. Connect 4

This is a classic game and is a classic for a reason. It is fun to play and also helps introduce strategic thinking to your little one.

8. Pictureka

Another classic game that is fun to play and help you spend some quality time together as a family as you all play this together.

9. Monopoly Junior

Fun indoor game for young kids before they can understand and play the classic Monopoly. This one, the Peppa Pig Edition, is great for kids who already have an association with Peppa Pig – books or serials.

10. Jenga

This one never gets old and is always fun. While recommended age is 6+, many 5 year olds also enjoy this game.

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  1. We have a yearly standing tradition with my nieces that we give them books every year. I LOVE it! Knowing that a) I’m not just giving them something that they will forget about or toss aside and b) I am encouraging their love of reading.

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