10 Ways to Engage Children During Summer Break

How to Engage Kids During School Breaks

Summer vacations are around the corner, and kids are super excited about the free time they will get. For most parents, however, this is the harbinger of tough times.

One thing that I have said multiple times and would like to reiterate:

It’s okay for kids to get bored.

As parents, you are not responsible for entertaining your kids every waking minute.

Now that we have clarified this important aspect let’s see some interesting ways that kids can be engaged.

1. Go on a Trip

Going to different places has a phenomenal effect on children. They see new places, cultures, cuisines, and possibly different ways of dressing and speaking. Without making it into a history or cultural lesson, it’d be useful to give them a short glimpse of the area’s history, culture, and even geography.

2. Introduce a New Skill

This could be an instrument like piano or guitar or a sport like swimming, badminton, cricket or football. For learning these skills, you can get them enrolled in some classes.

There are other skills that may not require professional classes. They can try their hand at calligraphy, sketching, origami, story-writing.

3. Science Projects

These are fun and also great ways to learn and understand science concepts. There are DIY sheets available on the internet for various projects like lava lamps from vegetable oils, the volcano, invisible ink using lemon juice and many others. There are also a lot of science kits available in stores.

For example: Read the post on making temporary tattoos at home

Most children enjoy these projects and once the experiment is done, it is easier for them to understand the concept.

4. Reading

With so much time at hand, the habit of reading can be inculcated in kids.

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Age-appropriate books from the library or stores can be bought. Children can be encouraged to share books with friends. If possible, try and introduce a variety of book genres into their reading list as they grow older.

You may find reviews of some age-appropriate books here

5. Gardening

Gardening is another great way to engage children of multiple age groups. It teaches them the benefits of putting in effort and seeing tangible results in a relatively short period of time. They learn hard work, patience and consistent care.

Depending on your child’s interest, you may go for flowers or vegetables or a combination. For most of us, who live in apartments, you can plant seeds or seedlings in pots and enjoy the beauty of flowers or fresh vegetables from your own garden.

6. Spend Time Together as a Family

With our busy routines, we sometimes tend to forget this very important requirement – spending time together as a family. During vacations, kids have a lot of spare time. Try to take out time each to spend with each other. You can play board games (Read Best Strategy Board Games for Tweens), go for nature walks, go on picnics.

In the end, kids won’t remember that fancy toy or game you bought them, they will remember the time you spent with them.

Kevin Heath

You can find some games that can be bought from stores and many ideas of games that can be played at home with kids to develop creativity, lateral thinking etc here

7. Journalling

Journalling their days during the vacations, writing about key things they did and learnt on a particular day, taking photos and sticking it in a diary, will create a lovely set of memories for children as they grow older.

8. Volunteering

This is a great time to take a little older kids to intern at child-friendly centres. If these are not available, they can donate their toys and books to orphanages. Such activities develop empathy and kindness in children.

They can also be encouraged to do some social activity in their own neighbourhood – a drive to keep it clean, setting up a library for children of the housekeeping staff and house-helps, a garage sale of toys, books etc with the proceeds going towards an animal shelter.

9. Learning a New Language

Children pick up languages very fast. Apps such as Duolingo have made learning a new language very easy and engaging.

Let them learn a new language through an app or classes with a teacher. Scientific evidence talks of the multiple benefits of learning new languages to our brains.

10. Creative and Engaging Toys

Toys like Lego boost the creativity in children and keeps them engaged for hours at a time. Let them spread out the blocks and create whatever they want. Encourage them to make things beyond the suggested structures. You’ll be amazed at the cool creations of your children.

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