Our Raison d’etre

We are passionate about education and about children. Having spent many years in the education sector, among corporates, schools and parents, we understand the pain points.

Many parents today worry about how to engage their children effectively without gadgets, how to give them the skills needed to survive in a future that will be very different from what it is today. We conducted a survey of young parents and found that 19% of parents want to know about ways to engage their children without technology, over 14% want to know more about how to increase creativity in children, 12% want to know about nutritional food and 12% about how to handle behavioral problems. Through our articles, we have tried to address these and more issues.

“I’m not sure how to engage my child productively without TV, mobile etc.”

“My son has very poor concentration and cannot pay attention on anything for a long time.”

— What parents told us