How We All Can Contribute to Fight Climate Change

Fight the Climate Change

Environment is no one’s property to destroy; it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect.

Mohith Agadi

5 June is World Environment Day, and this is as good a time as any to remind ourselves of the seriousness of the impending catastrophe that we are heading towards.

As we are all aware, Earth’s temperature is rising steadily. As per studies, since 1880 (since humans started recording temperature data), the temperature has risen by 0.08° C (or 0.14° F) every decade. This rate of warming has is increasing and in the past 40 years the increase has been 0.18° C per decade.

Did you know that as per Energy Swaraj if we continue like this, it is only 7 years and 50 days more (as on the date of writing this article) for temperatures to increase 1.5° C and reach a point of no return!

Yes, you heard that right, only 7 YEARS and 50 DAYS!

It is not 50-60 years down the line. The time for irreversible damage is right on our heads. It is in our best interest that we start taking corrective action at whatever level we can and teach our kids to do the same.

1. Switch off lights and other electrical equipment when not in use

This seems like a no-brainer but it is surprising at how often we tend to overlook this. We move out of a room, and leave the lights, air-conditioner, fans or any other equipment running. Try and notice it today and make it a habit to switch off when not in use.

Did you know that every unit of electricity that you use, contributes to almost 1kg of CO2 released in the atmosphere?

Most of the electricity in the world still comes from thermal power plants and they emit 0.94kg of CO2 for generating 1 kwh of electricity.

2. Use power efficient equipment

We must all try to use equipment that are power efficient and use LED bulbs or other energy efficient lighting systems. While they may have a higher initial cost, but over their life, they end up saving more money and also saving the planet.

3. Eat less dairy and meat

Apart from the fact that plant based, high fibre diet is great for your health, it also helps reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, avoiding meat (especially red meat) and dairy products is one the biggest ways to reduce your environmental impact on the planet.

A study published in has found that use of cows, pigs and other animals (including livestock feed) contributes 57% of all food production emissions while 29% comes from cultivation of plant-based foods. The remaining 14% comes from other activities.

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Buying more of seasonal fruits and vegetables sourced from local farmers will not only be healthier, it will promote local business and be helpful for the environment as well.

Be vocal for local!

4. Don’t Waste Food

According to UNEP’s Food Waste Index Report 2021, each year people across the world waste 1 billion tonnes of food. This accounts for around 8-10 % of global greenhouse gas emissions. Buy what you need, store the rest in refrigerator or freezer. Use the waste as compost to fertilize your garden.

5. Be smart about your transport

If possible, use car-pool or public transport. If the infrastructure in your city permits, walk or cycle to work. If you have to use your vehicle, try to go for electric vehicles or scooters.

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6. Speak up and spread the word

It is each one of our responsibility to make a wave, however small. Talk about climate change, talk about ways to fight global warming, teach your children and set an example yourself. Spread the word in your circle, however large or small it be. We have reached a stage, where each step is important. No effort is too small.

6 thoughts

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips; we can all do our bit and that should always be celebrated and encouraged. I think we must also make sure those in power/world leaders do everything they can to combat climate change in a robust way (which they’re just not doing). I recently wrote about ‘carbon bomb’ projects on my site which must be urgently stopped/halted but governments around the world are not doing what they promised. Great post — thanks for the reminders here!


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