Book Review – The Magic Faraway Tree series

Book Review

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.

– George R. R. Martin

Reading is one of the best habits that you can develop in your child. We bring you reviews of some books or series of books that we have seen help parents and teachers, develop this essential skill in children.

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The Magic Faraway Tree series

The Magic Faraway Tree series give wings to the reader’s imagination taking them into lands which are magical and have a dream like quality.

Author: Enid Blyton

Enid Mary Blyton, born in London, was and still is one of the most widely read children’s author. She was a prolific writer and wrote over 600 books in her approximately 40 year writing career. The Wishing Chair Series is one of the popular stories.

Age Range

Self reading: 6-10 years


Joe, Frannie and Beth are three siblings who move into a new house close to the Enchanted Woods where trees whisper their secrets. As the children go into the woods to explore, they realise there are magical creatures living in it. In the woods, is a huge tree (the Faraway tree) which so tall that its top part is over the clouds, which has branches laden with different fruits and it is so wide, that many ‘people’ have carved their homes in its branches. This is where the children make some good friends in Moonface, Silky the Fairy, The Saucepan Man and meet many others like The Angry Pixie, Mr Watzisname and Dame Washalot who all reside in the tree.

The best part is that the top branches of the tree lead to a new magical land every time they go there – from Land of Birthdays, to Land of Toys, Land of Goodies, Land of Take-What-You-Want and some not very fun lands like Land of Dame Slap and Land of Topsy Turvy. It is in these magical lands that the children and their friends have their many magical adventures.

The 4 books in the series are (the links below also have option of e-books):

  1. The Enchanted Woods
  2. The Magic Faraway Tree
  3. Folk of the Faraway Tree
  4. Up the Faraway Tree

These series also, like the Wishing Chair series are perfect for the young readers who are graduating from picture books to chapter books. The characters in these books are well formed and have more depth than the ones in Wishing Chair series. Each book is 150-200 pages divided into small chapters. Each adventure lasts for a few chapters and makes it easy to comprehend and hold a child’s attention.

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Language used in the books is easy, simple to read and understand with a plethora of adjectives which will make your child’s writing also improve. It gives wings to your child’s imagination. Most children describe these as ‘page turners’ which they do not want to stop reading until finished and even then, it leaves them wanting for more. It will definitely help inculcate a love of reading in young children.

These are a must-read books for young readers which will not only entertain them but also develop a love of reading, increase their creativity and imagination and at the same time improve their vocabulary.

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