Games To Increase Creativity: Fastest Sketcher First

Fastest Sketcher First

With most schools across the world being closed, children spending more time at home and parents being advised to work from home – it is a great opportunity to spend quality time with our children and engage them in a fun and constructive way.

It is a great time to develop their reading habit. So stock up on some books and read together. You can get some tips here on Developing the Habit of Reading in Children.

Creativity is a useful skill that children will need for success in the future, and the time that you get with your children can also be used to build their creativity through games.

Also read some other games that you can play with your children here.

Fastest Sketcher First

Today’s game is a drawing game, where players need to draw simple objects starting with a particular alphabet. When we tested this game on some children, we found that they could play this game for over an hour at a time and this soon became one of their favorite go-to games when they were indoors.


This game helps develop quick thinking (of what the object starting with that alphabet can be) and creativity to translate it into a reasonably accurate drawing of that object on paper.

Number of players

It can be played with 2 or more players.

Things needed to play

Each player must have a paper and a pencil for drawing.

How to play

When the players are ready they say ‘Start’ and one person – the ‘Counter’ (could be one of the players or another person who also acts as the judge) recited the alphabets in his/her mind starting ofcourse with ‘A’. As soon as the players say ‘Stop’, the Counter calls out loudly the alphabet he/she was at. The players then have to draw an object/thing/animal starting with that alphabet. As soon as any player finishes he/she has to say ‘Stop’ at which point all players have to stop drawing. The Counter then gives 1 point if the drawing resembles the object and is complete or else gives 0 points.


The players say Start and the Counter starts the alphabet in his mind. In a few seconds, when players say stop, the Counter is at the alphabet ‘T’. He/she says ‘T’ loudly. The players immediately start drawing any object with ‘T’. Player 1 could draw a ‘tree’, Player 2 could draw ‘Tea pot’ and so on. The player who finishes first says Stop and everybody has to immediately stop drawing, even if their drawing is incomplete. The Counter then gives points to all players.

An example is given below. The second picture with ‘P’ has got 0 points since it is incomplete.

This continues again. At the end of the game, the player with maximum points wins.

If an alphabet is repeated, a player cannot draw something that he/she has already drawn. They can however draw what the other players have drawn earlier.

Let us know your experience with this game and feel free to tell us your ideas of how you spend time with your children!

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